Mahiru no kirisakima (Yojiro Takita, Kokuei Company) 1984 DVDRip

  • 6-12-2022, 09:39

Mahiru no kirisakima (Yojiro Takita,Kokuei Company) 1984 DVDRip Year of production: 1984 Country: Japan Genre: Thriller,Erotic Duration: 01.00.43 Language: Japanese Directed by: Yojiro Takita Studio: Kokuei Company Cast: Kaoru Orimoto,Usagi Aso,Yuko Aoki,Yutaka Ikejima,Kiyomi Ito,Toru Nakane,Shiro Shimomoto Noriko is a hard working but lonely journalist who works at a news magazine. As the film opens,Noriko leads her colleague,a photographer named Kajii,to a brutal crime scene in which a woman has been stabbed to death. His photographs along with her reporting have given new life to the magazine,and they continue to follow the crimes as they happen. Kajii attempts to contact a younger photographer,Shun,who was known to be in the area around the time of the first murder. Shuns involvement in the series of murders becomes more and more likely as they desperately search for the truth imdb - tt0142637


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