Pandora s Mirror, O Espelho do Desejo (Evansfilm) 1981 BDRip 1080p

  • 16-11-2022, 07:24

Pandora s Mirror,O Espelho do Desejo (Evansfilm) 1981 BDRip 1080p -=- Year of production: 1981 Country: USA Genre: Classic,Fantasy Duration: 01:33:49 Directed by: Shaun Costello Studio: Evansfilm English language Subtitles: UTF-8 [S:eng srt [eng] (subrip) [default]] Subtitles:[S:eng pgs [eng] (pgs)] Subtitles:Russian(Advanced SubStation Alpha [S: Russian [rus] (ssa/ass) [default]] -my translation... Cast:Veronica Hart Jamie Gillis Sandra Hillman Frederick Foster George Payne Jerry Butler Tiffany Clark Roy Stuart Rod Pierce Marc Valentine Marlene Willoughby Lacey Smith Dave Ruby Jack Houston Bill McKean Celeste Bon Kandi Barbour Ron Hudd Description: Pandora found an unusual mirror in an antique shop. The owner did not want to sell it,citing the fact that it had already been sold. But the girl insisted on her own and the owner lends her this mirror for a couple of days. When Pandora came home,she found that the antique mirror showed all the sexual episodes that had been reflected in it since its creation. This is the rape of a girl by soldiers and moments from the life of the rich and famous ... imdb - tt0082879


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