[HobyBuchanon] Hoby Makes His New Assistant Gag On His Cock [2019-06-02, 1080p]

  • 19-08-2022, 11:35

I auditioned this girl to be my new assistant. Everything was going fine until we got to the part where I fuck her face and she follows directions. In order for her to get the job I had to roughly force my cock down her throat. She s stupid and not good at following directions so I choke,slap,spit in her face & make her put her tongue in my asshole throughout the shoot. I roughly finger fuck her throat before jamming my cock down it. She s not very smart so I have to rough her up throughout the shoot until her eyes tear up. I sit on her face and make her tongue my asshole. I tell her to keep her hands off the fucking cock and she freaks out and jumps up and starts yelling that she can t breathe. I continue to fuck her face and pussy rougher. I spit in her face repeatedly while she licks my balls and I blow a huge load all over her face,hair and tits. She s left a nasty sloppy mess at the end. This scene is a rough,dominating one!!!! One of my roughest to date!!! cast Credited Cast: Amateur info Released: 2019-06-02 Video : MPEG4 Video (H264) 1920x1080 60fps 11251kbps Audio : AAC 48000Hz stereo 179kbps


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