[ASIAN VAULT] STC009 - Beautiful Mature Wife with Blonde Hair of Fifty-Year-Old Raped

  • 1-06-2022, 12:06

Title: 犯された五十路金髪美熟妻!第三姦 Title (Translation): Beautiful Mature Wife with Blonde Hair of Fifty-Year-Old Raped! Third Rape Release Date: September 7,2012 Resolution: 400p Running Time: 120m (approx) URL: Website Description: "五十歳を過ぎてなお色香漂う金髪美熟妻達が次々に犯されて行く…。熟れた肉体は容赦無く貪り尽くされ、穴という穴にイキり勃った肉棒をブチ込まれる。鬼畜暴行魔達の終わり無き婦女暴行地獄!狂気とエロスの映像記録、第3姦。" Website Description (Translation): "This is the first time I ve ever seen such a thing. It s a great way to get to know the people around you. The endless hell of assaulting women by demon assaulters! A video record of madness and eroticism,The Third Rape" Cover Text (Partial): レイプ被害者 Rape Victim Mrs. Rachel 〜レイチェル夫人〜 Mrs. Devon 〜デボン夫人~ 猟辱・拷姦・豊満な美熟女体は淫魔の餌食となって女穴を犯されまくり、膣内射精肉便器へと堕ちてゆく… The beautiful Mature woman s body becomes a prey of the whore,and she is fucked in the woman s hole,and she is degraded to a vaginal ejaculation meat slut.... 美しい容姿!光り輝くブロンドヘアー!熱れて豊満な女体それを/い見つめる野獣の目線・・・それは突然の出来事いきなりわれ、凶器とな力で女体はねじ伏せられレイプされる。熱された肉体は容赦無く貪り尽くされ、女の穴という穴にイキり勃った肉体をブチ込まれるき叫び抗う人妻に欲情し穴が壊れる型ピストンを続け、汚れた精液を止め処無く子宮の奥まである音楽行五十路を過ぎてなお色香を放つ金髪美人なちが次々に強姦されてゆく終わり無き場が 使えるのとエロスの映像記録がここにある商性とは、ています。 Beautiful figure! Glistening blonde hair! A hot and voluptuous woman s body,and the eyes of the beast who stares at her.... The eyes of the beast... It is a sudden and unexpected event,and the female body is twisted and raped with a deadly weapon and force. The heated body is mercilessly devoured,and the lust for the married woman who screams and resists as her erected body is thrust into the woman s hole,and the hole is broken,and the dirty semen continues to be pistoned without end. The beautiful blonde woman who still radiates a sexy fragrance after passing her fifties is raped one after another,and the video record of the eroticism is here with the commercial nature. Scene 1: A drunken MILF is helped home and then taken advantage of Fondling,foot worship,cunnilingus,fingering,bj,tittyfucking,doggy,standing,reverse-cowgirl,cowgirl,missionary,creampie,facial,bondage Scene 2: Another MILF comes home to find an ex-employee waiting for her. He takes his revenge for being fired. Fondling,bondage,fingering,cunnilingus,bj,tittyfucking,69,missionary,choking,doggy,reverse-cowgirl,cowgirl,creampie,


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