[HotAndMean] Bella Rolland, Jenna Starr (Oyster Party Fuckfest Part 1) 1080p

  • 9-09-2021, 09:02

Jenna Star is at a dull work cocktail party with her boring husband. Luckily,she has her own entertainment planned out. When sexy cocktail waitress Bella Rowland serves their table,Jenna lifts her dress,revealing a cash tip sticking out of her ass. Bella retrieves the tip,then sticks her finger deeper up Jenna s ass to see if there s anymore. Bella ends up getting her finger stuck in Jenna s ass,causing the pair to have to hide from Jenna s husband and his boss. The pair sneak off to an oyster table,where they get Bella s finger dislodged and eat some pussy. Both girls wanting more now,they then sneak off to a bedroom to fuck


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